Notice for this website use

This web site is managed by Hoyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter We)
When using this web site, the following use conditions shall be confirmed, and only when you have agreed with these conditions, please use.

  • Notice of published information etc.
    1. About the information published on this web site, we do not guarantee conforming to the purpose of using a customer, and take no responsibility.
    2. The information published at this web site cannot use including use, reproduction, a duplicate, redistribution, and change, without our assent by the document in advance.
    3. The information published at this web site may be changed or deleted without a preliminary announcement.
  • Notice of linkage
    1. The linkage to this web site cannot be allowed without assent by the document in advance.
      When you wish to linkage, please contact us in advance.
      In addition, we may refuse about linkage from a homepage judged to be unsuitable by us.
    2. Web site of the other company which is linked on this web site or web site of the other company who linked this web site is not under our management.
      We do not take responsibility about the loss which produced them by having been used about the contents, either.
  • Management of Personal Information
    1. Compliance

      In handling personal information, we are in compliance with the related law regarding personal information protection.

    2. Collection of Personal Information

      We will collect Personal Information within the limits of necessity after announcing the purpose of use to you.

    3. Proper Management of Personal Information

      We strives for prevention and correction of unlawful access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, an alteration, disclosure, etc.

    4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

      Unless we have a customer’s consent in a statute except for the case where there is a special law, we do not do offer and disclose to a third party.

    5. Request for Disclosure of Personal Information, Etc.

      About the information collected from the customer, we correspond appropriately and promptly according to a statute, when the demand of an indication, correction, a use stop, etc. is received from the customer himself.

    6. Continuous Improvement

      We improve suitably the management system and measure for personal information proctection and take the improvement continuously.

Notice for this website use